Who is niki taylor dating

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Who is niki taylor dating

Taylor is urging Americans to give blood this summer because the season is typically a time when blood donations are at their lowest "because there are distractions and people are going on vacations … "There will be six million people who are going to need blood transfusions just this year in the U. S., so we have to meet those demands."More Celebrity Features on Yahoo! In 1995, she was broadsided by the loss of her sister Krissy.That was followed by marriage and motherhood to twin boys before divorcing in her early 20s.They help out and they're good babysitters."Although little Ciel is a bit of a tomboy now, Taylor notes that's exactly how she was growing up before she landed her first modeling deal at the tender age of 13.And if her daughter wanted to follow in her famous footsteps also at a young age, the supermodel — who once appeared on the covers of six major women's magazines in the same month — says she would "absolutely" be okay with it. Yeah, I definitely would encourage it, absolutely."Much like other models before her, including Crawford and Kathy Ireland, Taylor is looking to move into starting her own lifestyle brand, which would include clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories.Today Taylor is remarkably well-rounded, confident and thankful.While in Toronto to shoot the campaign for Montreal-based Up! I think everybody takes up the term of supermodel, so, no, I’d rather be supermom, trying to juggle being a mom and a career at the same time. Niki: I got into modelling pretty much the same way everybody else does: ‘Oh, you’re really tall you should be a model!

When I was about 13, we took some snapshots and with another local photographer, we made a little com card and we went to a couple of the agencies in Fort Lauderdale and then signed with one there. Hunter, he’s really good on the runway and all the clothes look amazing on him.

They think Ciel is funny and just a hoot because she's a tornado right now and she's into everything, just kind of a tomboy, but she's really, really cute with Rex …

All of them are in the different stages and I'm loving every minute of it.

"I'd rather give birth than have my tattoo removed, that's how painful it is," says the mom of four.

(In addition to Jake and Hunter, 17, from her first marriage, Taylor also has Ciel, 3, and Rex, 8 months, with hubby Burney Lamar.) "It's quick, but going through it is so …

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"I am removing it because it is stopping me from getting some work I think," Taylor tells omg!

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