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You can check offers of We Chat and you can contact with staff about your requests. I have tried to get fellow co-worked to log on and verify my account but it says they are not qualified to do so.Please I have tried many avenues to try and unlock my account (which is imperative to my work success) and have not had a response or any help .You can see a list of below just add wechat id into your account. This allows you to make conversations without worrying about being stored in the cloud or on an external server.

Girls Who Code made me understand that computer science isn’t just about 1’s and 0’s, it’s about combining your interests with technology to better the future.I wanted to do something that would focus on the hyper-sexualization of women in video games.I proposed my idea to Sophie and she wanted to do something with me to address social justice.Answer: Please ensure that you have filled the feedback form on the correct source. If you have filled the form from the link which we provided for you above, unfortunately you will need to wait.May be you can leave a review on Google Play for making We Chat staff to check your problem faster.

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I am a more able, confident, and ambitious girl with big dreams and I want to share that with everyone around the world.