Trophy wife dating

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Trophy wife dating

You might have seen couple entering a restaurant where a man is not so good looking but his wife is a class apart with good looks and body Or has seen a couple , ravishing lady with an inferior looking man coming out a posh and luxurious car hand in hand? But it is just confined to getting attention from the public at such places or is there something dug dipper within?

Let us find out the psychology of why men want to have a Trophy Women in his life. When men introduce their gorgeous wife to friends and colleagues and they are simply in awe of her beauty, Men tend to like it.

Mysterious Eyes When you walk along with your Trophy wife, people do look at her beauty but keep guessing as to whom the beauty is holding onto besides her.

Speculations, as to, are you a big businessman, superstar, Politician or from a high-class royal family start.

Young Always It is seen that usually old men are draped around the arm of young beautiful women.

There can be numerous reasons as to why men would like to have a trophy wife, a wife rather display at every place who is good looking and stunning.She is indeed fun and do not fake or pretend to be the one she is not.She knows her job to make you feel good always and she does it at her best.However, this is what it is meant to be, the status and recognition symbol.Wife is the partner for life and is the first step to name and fame in the world.

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The Work status Professional parties and events are meant to be for the family.