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Sex dating in rhea oklahoma

(Nothing like the real pioneers, who had to trod across the plains in a covered wagon.) In a 2013 article on Modern Farmer about America’s 100 Top Landowners (“The who’s who of modern American land moguls”) the Drummond family was listed as #17 (the 17th landowner in the U.S.), with “433,000 acres.” While some of this land may belong to other Drummond family members, Ladd and the little missus are getting by.

While the Pioneer Woman seems nice and I’m sure we’d all like to race through town (don’t worry about any speeding tickets) to go visit and have some blackberry cobbler, there’s a nagging feeling about the unfairness in seeing a select few people have the privilege of unfettered access to our wild horses, that we, The American People, don’t have access to any more.

Drummond seems to be listed as a partner of Drummond & Hull Oil Company.

Charles and Ladd Drummond have been listed as shareholders and on the Board of Directors of a company called, an e-commerce company that provided pharmaceuticals to office-based physicians.

It seems like Ladd Drummond wrote about the wild horses on Ree’s blog (after articles about Ladd Drummond were posted on this website).

Boy, his writing is so good that it almost seems like a professional PR person wrote it!

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