Lagunitas freshness dating

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Lagunitas freshness dating

The standard for beers that should be drunk fresh seems to be a year from bottling date. Retailers need to sell beers before they hit their BBEs and shorter times add sales pressure.

The issue is that the beer is usually at its best long before the BBE, as my Lagunitas experiment showed. More sales pressure makes the beers less attractive to those selling them.

My recent post about fresh beer has made me change my attitude to beer almost as much as my first taste of new world hops.But as soon as the beer is out of their control, the potential for things to go wrong creeps in.While brewers have a significant vested interest in keep their beers in the best possible condition for as long as they can, many secondary retailers of beers don’t have quite the same level of obsession.However, the explosion of locally brewed hoppy beers has brought one aspect of drinking them to the front of my mind – freshness I’ve been thinking about the freshness of the hoppy beer I’ve been drinking for a couple of years.Firstly, I noticed that I’d been allowing IPAs to die in my beer stash, and then Brew Dog launched Born To Die.

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I’m going to do a bit of all of them, including the not caring – sometimes I want a beer when I’m out for dinner.