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Meanwhile, Kelly discovers that Paul had stolen Ace from his mother; Paul, desperate for cash, blackmails Kelly by threatening to reveal the secret to Kevin and Llanview.

Armed with the truth, Kelly realizes they must return the child to his parents, and though broken hearted, they do.

They go into the living room and they dance while Hot Chelle Rae sings.AJ is upset by the news of the good guy getting suspended, while Hunter's and his minions get to go free. He is able to set up Miranda's favorite band, Hot Chelle Rae, to come and play for them.Miranda sees an envelope addressed to her, then spots rose petals going to AJ's room, and finds a box with a dress. They end up in the living room and they dance while the band sings.David seeks custody of Little Adam by making JR seem like an unfit father, but JR fights him on this.Due to the judge at the custody hearing not being able to decide which of the two men Little Adam would be better off with, Jesse and Angie get temporary custody of him.

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JR gets Little Adam back after Krystal lies on the stand to protect herself.

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