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To ensure accessibility of the returned information after the parser is deleted, callers need to copy and store the returned information somewhere else.

Since the returned pointer is a generic void pointer, check the column "Value Type" below to learn exactly what type of object each property returns for replication.

Default Handler's default implementation of the handler callback methods is to do nothing.

This simple example shows how to create a handler which will print element names, and print fatal error messages.

Enable full schema constraint checking, including checking which may be time-consuming or memory intensive.

As a convenience, Xerces-C provides Default Handler, a single class which is publicly derived from all the Handler classes.Users can use the predefined constants defined in XMLUni directly (fg WFXMLScanner, fg DGXMLScanner, fg SGXMLScanner, or fg IGXMLScanner) or a string that matches the value of one of those constants.Certain valid XML and XML Schema constructs can force a processor to consume more system resources than an application may wish.The SAX2 API for XML parsers was originally developed for Java.Please be aware that there is no standard SAX2 API for C , and that use of the Xerces-C SAX2 API does not guarantee client code compatibility with other C XML parsers.

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Ignore a cached DTD when an XML document contains both an internal and external DTD, and the use cached grammar from parse option is enabled. Application is required to initialize this void pointer to a correct type.