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Janelle casanave dating will

Trisha, who deserved to be kicked off and was eventually booted, was easily one of the hottest people ever on the show.Parisa really kept a mature cool about herself throughout the show which is commendable. Ashli, her replacement was nearly as interesting to look at although she did hook up with Dunbar.

The casting calls bring people from all over and the casting directors work very hard to bring together personalities that will prove interesting but also clash on an array of topics ranging from religion, ethnicity, politics, sex and romance, to personal hygiene and cleanliness, and so on. The Cast Ayiiia Elizarraras, Derek Chavez, Emilee Fitzpatrick, Bronne Bruzgo, Christian “CJ” Koegel, Jasmine Reynaud Jonna Mannion, and Joey Rozmus. It could be summed up as a mix of immaturity, clashing personalities that don’t really clash, hiding significant others to see who will get laid, and girls against boys.

The interplay between between Melinda and Danny was one of the focal points of the season. There were three alcohol-related, police-involved, events which added some drama.

The cast certainly did its share of partying this season. The cast worked on a covering two bands at the South by Southwest Music Festival.

Review/Commentary This was one of the best seasons in the history of Real World and the cast was even hotter!

The continual fights between Trisha and Parisa gave viewers a lot of drama.

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Aside from Katelynn, the transgendered female in the house. Items of interest The Cast Sarah Ralston, Joey Kovar, David Malinosky, Kimberly Alexander, Brittini Sherrod, William Gilbert, Brianna Taylor, Nick Brown, and Greg Halstead. Too many people spent their post-episode conversations discussing how Greg’s attitude was ridiculous.