David kross kate winslet dating

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David kross kate winslet dating

, which is out today, cast two huge stars—Meryl Streep and Hugh Grant—as husband and wife.

One of the unusual things about this casting is that Grant is younger than Streep, just as St.

It doesn’t give the ages of what’s generally considered childhood, so I suppose we must look to legal and societal definitions.

In my mind, fifteen is too young to be considered an adult legally or sexually.

(Which is annoying, since it's pretty much a given that Hollywood men will have much younger female love interests.) In fact, we wondered whether there were many movies at all where the female love interest was older—and we did find a few.

Here are nine movie relationships between a woman and a younger man.

Clair Bayfield was younger than Florence Foster Jenkins in real life.

His next work was in Same Same But Different (2009), again with Buck directing."What puzzles me, Harold, is that you want to sleep with your grandmother." So says a psychiatrist to this cult classic's death-obsessed protagonist about his joyous paramour, Maude—which just about sums up the other characters' opinions about this dark comedy's central relationship. Winslet's prospect of converting her Golden Globe win into a first best actress Oscar is now in serious doubt after the intervention of two such authoritative figures, whose expertise on the Holocaust has earned them great influence. But I think I am a feminist, yeah.” I am relieved by the ease of this exchange, contrasting, as it does, with our shaky opening conversation about her other new film, The Reader.I tell Winslet that I have read that she likes to sympathise with her characters. And Hanna is led to believe he is 17.” (I didn’t notice this in the film – it’s possible I missed it.) “And the actor himself, David Kross, is 18, you know, he’s an adult.” I agree and explain I am only talking about her character. “No, I never, to be honest with you, as a character, and as an actress – obviously the relationship is unconventional, because there is a big age gap between the two of them, and that was how I felt as a person, and I always very much viewed it as an unconventional relationship in that way, and very much as a love story.” She talks a little more about Schmitz, and about the character’s personal secrets, which provide the twists in the narrative, and then, unprompted, says: “You really have to remember that one of the greatest loves of my life, when I was younger, was 13 years older than me, and I was with him for five years, and then he died [I assume she is referring to the writer/actor, Stephen Tredre], and there were 19 years between my grandparents – so, I don’t know, maybe I’ve just never thought age gaps were wildly important.” [From uk] So I actually went to my dictionary and looked up “pedophilia” (the Americanized version) and the definition is simply “sexual perversion in which children are the preferred sexual object”.

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The film was presented in the 2009 Berlinale but did not compete.

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