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This guide will inform the present and future generations of foreign historians of Japan to what will surely be a truer and more up to date conception of Japan's lengthy and varied historical tradition.

March is the month get out there and get some of this we may not see it again for years.

Of the leading or emerging giants who led the field out of the wartime constraints and the early postwar era of intellectual confusion, xi some have died (among them Inoue Mitsusada, Toyoda Takeshi, and Wakamori Taro), and many have retired and have been honored with festschrifts (among them Takeuchi Rizo, Furushima Toshio, Kodama Kota, and Miyamoto Mataji, to name those with whom I have been especially associated).

With their passing from the historical scene, a newer group of scholars with new theoritical approaches and new subjects of concern is taking their place.

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They initiated me into Japanese studies in the United States.