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Posted by / 21-Oct-2020 08:18

Dating my ex boyfriend again

I trust him whole-heartedly when he says he wants to be with me, and things aren't serious with the other girl he is dating.I truly believe that he is just as scared as I am of things going awry between us like they did the first time. My question is, does anyone out there have a similar experience?In times of doubt I think "oh he just wants to have his cake and eat it too", but then when I look at the evidence and take him for his word, it just really seems like he's not ready to commit and he wants to avoid spending too much time with one specific person until he's ready.He did take a giant leap in contacting me again as it was against the advice of all of his friends (that's how it usually goes right?She also knows that he's seeing me again, and while that's not so nice of her to continue seeing him, I can't expect everyone to be celibate during open dating time. Thankfully I haven't gone too far down the anxious path- but I have to stop those thoughts now.Re-directing my anxiety by writing in these forums and reading self help books. PS: My first post on this forum was asking for advice on how to get him back in my life. Well since you have a whole month to study the situation to see if it fits into what you want you should be fine.I found out that the other girl he is dating is someone in a poly relationship and there's no possibility of something long term with her.That makes me feel better that I won't lose him to her.

He initiated the breakup, but also initiated contacting me again about a month ago.

That will give him some time to think when August comes around.

It helps to document this progress here so I can organize my thoughts.

I know her and I trust that he's telling the truth about them just having fun together.

She also knows that he's dating me, so no one is sneaking around.

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Do you have any advice for waiting it out or nudging him along?