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Black is a color used by many companies offering taxis for hire or luxury taxis, but don’t let that put you off.

If you hop in a car at the taxi stand, you’ll pay the standard fee, no matter the color of the vehicle.

Generally, however, people tend to divide Japan into two major cultural areas: Kantō in the East and Kansai in the West.

The four major companies in Tokyo (Daiwa Motor Transportation, Nihon Kotsu, Teito Jidōsha Kōtsū, Kokusai Motorcars) all use yellow, for example.

A company called Checker Cab has orange taxis, while the Tokyo Kojin Taxi Association’s cars are white.

Sometimes, you’ll see people from different corners of Japan having trouble understanding each other because of dialects!

Stereotypes are another phenomenon going hand in hand with the Kantō-Kansai-divide and it’s not uncommon to hear phrases like “Yeah, that’s how people from Tokyo are” or “Oh, they’re from Kansai, that explains a lot.” But how do tourists experience these cultural differences?

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means “soup stock” and is a major part of many Japanese dishes.

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