Dating in dating love site in syria

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Reacting to Nour’s reports, Majd will then automatically post maps of new possible destinations in the discussion thread, thus allowing the couple to make the best next decision available.

The happy unfolding of her journey is in your hands.She decides to leave for Europe, with hopes of a better life. He recently lost his father, too, but his mother and grandfather are still alive – if he goes, they won’t be able to make it without him.So together, Nour and Majd prepare her trip as well as possible.Bombs have been falling for years on Homs, Syria, tearing the city to pieces and spreading death.So when her younger sister is added to the list of casualties, Nour can’t take it anymore.

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But this process will also work the other way around: she may or may not be able, or be forced to perform some actions depending on her state of mind at a specific time.

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