Bolivian dating non scientific methods of dating

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Bolivian dating

They were badly deteriorated, but we were able to recover objects the individuals were buried with,” said archaeologist Wanderson Esquerdo.

While two of the tombs had been ransacked, the others remained intact, he said.

Meet Romeo: He’s got beautiful green eyes and a nice smile.

“Thanks to all of the generous donors — and true romantics — who gave money this past Valentine’s Day to support these expeditions, we have a real shot of saving this species,” said Chris Jordan, GWC’s Central America and Tropical Andes coordinator in a prepared statement.

After raising the funds, the team went to work at preparing for their expeditions.

As of the writing this article, the team is happy to report that they did find a few frogs, but they are still working to confirm that these frogs are actually Sehuencase water frogs.

But, they’ll likely have another update in the new year — hopefully it will be the good news that Juliet was found.

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Since this species rarely comes out of the water, the scientists have been lifting rocks and looking for swimming frogs beneath the surface.