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Posted by / 04-Jun-2020 19:27

Blogger profile not updating

You may be a person who often change profile pictures for various reasons which annoys your friends who see it on their timeline.

Facebook provides some strict privacy settings for you to hide several things from showing it to the world.

In this case, there are stale records which need to be cleaned up prior to synchronization.The example is when you first visit a site a record is recorded in the User Info table of the sites Content Database.The field tp_Is Active is defaulted to false, which means you have visited but have not interacted with the site.The Sync process uses this value to determine if the user info should be replicated in the sync process.So, if you were to make a change to the profile information in AD and refresh the site that you had only visited and see the information is still the same, it was not updated.

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So, what happens in the instance where the user information isn’t replicating, the problem is that the synchronization jobs are simply not happening.