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Band like sex cam

As they have grown and demanded more attention, the remaining egg did not hatch.All young seem to have been getting plenty of care and have been well fed by both adults.At one point viewers noticed the remaining eyas was being sprayed with water from above, which may have been an attempt to drive or push that bird off the ledge, which luckily failed.The workers remained in that area for the majority of the day until we were able to reach engineers for the building to escort them from the area.After taking it all in for a minute, 13 settled down for a meal Kathy left for her.We hope to have more info on the investigation into the window washers who caused the disturbance to this nest soon - we'll share as soon as we can!

All three were banded for future tracking: BM/47-31877; BM/47-31881; and BM/47-31882.Later that day a volunteer nest watcher visited the area and saw one eyas on a lower ledge.On June 18, BM/17 was found on the ground and was captured and transported to The Raptor Trust.Biologists watched carefully to see where BM/18 was on the roof, esp. Long story short, 18 remained on a parapet while Kathy released 17, who made her way back to the roof with the nestbox and up to a parapet to reunite with her sibling!As viewers can tell you, a lot has happened since our last update. This is the first successful brood for 41/AX, the nesting female, who has been here since 2015.

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All was going very well as they were able to leave and enter the Nestbox to explore the rooftop and building ledge.

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