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NRS 453.3353 Additional and alternative penalties for commission of certain violations which involve controlled substances other than marijuana and result in death or substantial bodily harm to another person. NRS 453.3351 Additional penalty for commission of certain violations which involve methamphetamine under certain circumstances. NRS 453.231 Registration: Public interest; specific controlled substances; research. NRS 453.233 Notice of conviction of registered person to be furnished. NRS 453.219 Controlled substance analog: Treatment as substance in schedule I; notice of prosecution; determination by Board. NRS 453.226 Requirements for registration; authority of registrant; exemptions and waivers; inspections. NRS 453.3361 Unlawful possession not for purpose of sale: Local ordinances adopting penalties for certain similar offenses; allocation of fines collected for violation of local ordinance.

NRS 453.1645 When Board is required to provide access to database to coroner, medical examiner or deputy thereof for certain purposes; access for unauthorized purpose prohibited; suspension or termination of access for violation of provisions. NRS 453.2186 Board prohibited from including certain substances on schedule; exceptions; required considerations.

NRS 453.3325 Unlawful to allow child to be present during commission of certain violations which involve controlled substances other than marijuana; penalties; probation or suspended sentence prohibited.

NRS 453.082 Drug Enforcement Administration defined. NRS 453.332 Unlawful acts relating to imitation controlled substances; penalties.

NRS 453.163 Persons registered to dispense controlled substances required to upload certain information to database; agreements with state agency of another state to receive or exchange information obtained by program; immunity from liability for transmitting information. NRS 453.211 Review, revision and dissemination of schedules. NRS 453.218 Addition of immediate precursor to schedule.

Computerized Program to Track Prescriptions for Controlled Substances NRS 453.162 Development; functions and requirements; Board and Division immune from liability for activities related to program; gifts, grants and donations.

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NRS 453.331 Unlawful acts relating to distribution of certain controlled substances by registrants, use of unauthorized registration number and possession of signed blank prescription forms; certain fraudulent acts prohibited; penalty.